Marianne Rousseau, Esq. State Certified Mediator

rousseau-sm Marianne L. Rousseau, Esq. has devoted her practice to experience and expertise in all aspects of Divorce, Family law and Civil Union Dissolution representation. She is also Certified Collaborative Lawyer and a Certified Marital and Family Mediator.

Attorney Rousseau understands the delicate nature of divorce and family law issues and appreciates the personal impact these cases have on her clients. She is acutely aware that divorce and family law issues are among the most intense,challenging, emotional, and complex subjects a person faces in their lifetime.

Attorney Rousseau has a vast amount of experience, knowledge and expertise in all facets of divorce and family law which allows her to handle these difficult issues in a personal and effective manner.  She has successfully litigated as well as settled cases involving divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, property distribution, premarital planning, post-divorce issues, paternity disputes and other legal issues that affect families.

Attorney Rousseau’s personal skill and compassion in divorce and family law issues enables her to guide her clients through these difficult and stressful issues in a professional and caring manner.  She will provide our clients with the support and guidance they need to make informed choices and yet will advocate vigorously helping them reach their goals and move on with their lives.

Attorney Rousseau will assess every case according to the legal issues and client goals and, where appropriate.  Rousseau Law and Mediation PLLC, also offers limited services (unbundled services) such as advice and counsel only, document drafting or case assessment and preparation. Limited representation in negotiation or mediation is available as well. We also offer full representation from the initial interview and, where needed, rigorous advocacy in all New Hampshire and Vermont Courts.  Our goal is to deliver the right level of service required to bring the case to the best possible legal conclusion for our client.

Mediation and Collaborative Law services are also available.  Mediation and Collaborative Law are alternatives to litigation and the adversarial courtroom process.   Mediation is a cooperative process in which an unbiased third-party (a Mediator) promotes effective communication and negotiation between participants in an effort to resolve any type of conflict and develop an agreement that is fair to all involved.  This can involve issues such as assisting them in coming to a mutual agreement about residential and decision-making responsibilities, parenting schedules, division of property, or any other issues which need to be worked out. As compared to litigation, mediation significantly reduces costs, stress, uncertainties and delays, preserves relationships and ensures privacy and control.

Collaborative Law is another way to resolve disputes by removing the disputed matter from the litigious court room setting and treating the process as a way to “troubleshoot and problem solve” rather than to fight and win. As part of the Collaborative Law method, both parties retain separate attorneys whose job it is to help them settle the dispute.